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Nacogdoches Community Church Fellowship Hall

1907 Stallings Drive N,

Nacogdoches, Texas 75964


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1907 Stallings Drive N

Nacogdoches, Texas 75964

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Meet The Team

Kim Scroggins

aka "Lolly"

General Manager/ Resident Food Genius

Lolly was born in East Texas and graduated from Martinsville High School. She's been in the Nacogdoches area her entire life and has developed a reputation as one of the most sought-after cooks and event planners around. Her love for food is surpassed only by her love for her kids and grandkids, and you can taste her joy and talent in every bite! On top of that, her creativity and skill at event planning has caused her event planning services to be in high demand for years. She pours her heart into every plate and event, and you can tell!

Taylor Mohr

Chief Executive Officer

Taylor is Lolly's first born and biggest fan. She's a lawyer by trade and practices family law in the DFW Metroplex. But Lolly's dreams are Taylor's dreams, so daughter and mom have teamed up to bring Lolly's delicious cooking and inspired design and planning to Texas. Taylor handles the media and marketing side of things, so basically she plays around while Lolly makes magic in the kitchen. But between Taylor's marketing eye and Lolly's incredible skill, this team is unbeatable!

Tyler Mohr

Chief Operations Officer

Tyler married into this crazy family, and this crazy family is eternally grateful for him. He's a pharmacist by trade, and his attention to detail and skill with management has made him an invaluable asset to this team. He's the one handling daily operations and making sure this ship stays afloat. When you get a timely invoice or a quick response to an online question, thank Tyler. He's the one handling that! Ultimately, this family is a team, and together they keep Lolly's Kitchen going and bringing delicious food and unforgettable events to Texas!

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